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Coaching Grammar and Composition

Many college instructors today are "Baby Boomers" or from "Generation X." These generations are generally characterized as having a strong work ethic, self-assured, independent learners, goal-centered, and mentally focused. In contrast, most college students today are "Millennials" or from "Generation Z." These generations are tech-savvy and prefer pictures to text. Many don't readily read books or write (instead text), and they like more personal attention.

Let's face it, learning grammar is boring, and it is hard work. In the classroom, students often say they understand what was said; however, they seem to have trouble applying the lesson. For example, after a lecture on fragments, students still have difficulty identifying the fragments in a paragraph. This inability to apply the skills has led to the premise of Coaching Grammar and Composition. They need practice and coaching.

Consequently, this book incorporates three important processes that today's students want: pictures and colors, the practice and coaching needed to apply grammatical and composition lessons, and a little humor to make grammar fun.